Some attributes
First Real name: Barbara Gordon
Second Abilities: Enhanced Acrobatics, Hand to Hand combat
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Batgitrl was a former side kick of Batman.


She is much Like her father, James Gordon, as she LIKES helping people. In another way she is alike her father is, James Gordon was the Police Commisinor and he believed in Batman's mission. So did Barbara. So, she became Batman's SECOND sidekick along with the First Robin.


She was the daughter of the Police Commisner. And she would hear about how Batman saved the City. So as he believed in Batman's mission, Barbara did, too. So, after a year of being Batgirl, she was home one night heard an knock on the door, opened it to the Bat-Family villain, Joker. He had a gun pointed at her spine and shot her spine. For three years, she regained the use of her legs and continued her career as Batgirl.

Allies (Bat-Family)Edit

  1. Nightwing - Friend and had crushes on each other
  2. Red Hood - Proven that she cared about him because she cried when he died
  3. Red Robin - An ally and both admire each other's Detective skills