Some attributes
First Real name: Richard Dick Grayson
Second Abilities: Enhanced Acrobatics, Hand to Hand fighting skills
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Nightwing was formerly Batman's first Robin.


Richard Dick Grayson is known to compare himself to Batman. But he IS less obssesive than Batman. But unlike Batman, he does have a sense of humor during missions. He's always wanted to make Batman proud. But he became Nightwing only because he felt like he was unappreciated by Batman as Robin.


He was an acrobat among with his Parents Haly's Circus. They shard the stage name 'The Flying Graysons'. When his parents refused to pay a Local Gangster, Tony Zuco, cut their wire for their act and they died during a preformance. Luckily, Bruce Wayne (Batman) was in the crowd that night and decided to adopt him. Shortly thereafter, Dick became the first sidekick-ROBIN!

Friends and Allies (Bat-family)Edit

  1. Batgirl - Friend and both were trained by Batman
  2. Red Hood - The second Robin and friend
  3. Red Robin - The fourth Bat-sidekick and unlike his predecessor, he became a variant of a Robin due to respect of the dead.