Red Hood
Some attributes
First Real name: Jason Todd
Second Abilities: Enhanced Reflexes, Battle skills, Martial art master
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Red Hood is the Second person to don The mantle of Robin.


Before his untimely death:

He was like any normal Tweenager. Happy, cheery, and Cocky.

After he was brought back to life:

He became sadistic, dreary and criminly Insane. He got help with his problems from his Bat-family.


He was living on the streets when the Batmobile pulled in an ally so Batman could go track down a villian, Jason tried to steel a tire from Batman's ride. Batman took him in and helped him become, ROBIN. After years of being Batman's side kick, he was brutally killed in an ware house with a crow bar, by the Joker. The war house had explosives in, resulting in it exploding. Todd was buried and mourned by the Bat family. But little did Batman know that, he was thrown into a Lazaruas pit and brought back to life, he became the 'Red Hood' because it was what the joker called himself before he became insane.

Allies (Bat-Family)Edit

  1. Nightwing - His predessesor and friend
  2. Batgirl - Is also a friend to Jason
  3. Red Robin - An ally and trustworthy detecteve